A Step Here and a Step There

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Every once in a while I catch my self counting the steps I am taking.  Now that’s not usually just around the room, but for some reason it’s steps up or down a stair case.  As I think about it, it’s usually something I do going UP the stair case.  However, if I’m in a repetitive project taking me up AND down the same stairs I count them both ways.  I think that’s just something everyone does but probably not.  It’s probably only something that someone with a keen mind does!!

I have at least one grandchild that may do similar things.  I’ve never asked him, counting is sort of a “private” thing, something you don’t want to spread around that you do.  If you’re not careful, someone learns you’re counting and the next you’ve been volunteered for some record keeping project!!  I have a grandchild that lines things up, by size,  color, and order, keeping track for what they’ll share (or NOT) with siblings.

I’m sorry I’ve passed that along to that generation, it seemingly passed by my children, I think?  I like to spread sheet information, I could show you my Spread Sheet of blood tests for the last 25 years.  I guess I’ve picked that up from my mother, she always counted fish we caught by type and the tracked them by year.

I’ve been reading through my grandfather’s diaries.  Interesting, a man keeping a diary.  Unlike the usual diaries, he began in 1933, tracking what he earned per hour worked or what he spent on a purchase.   It appears that the “root” of the counting conundrum began with this generation.  He liked to plant gardens, and would account for the rewards of his plantings.  He tracked the number pints, quarts, of bushels of produce reaped.  He would occasionally sell some produce and he would “track” the money received throughout the season from each product.   I’ve now progressed into the diary year 1957, when they purchased a cottage near Buffalo, Indiana.  Just about half way into the summer I began noticing a penciled circled number.  I went back into the diary and it registered that he was now also tracking the number of trips he was making to the cottage.

The school principle would usually bring a math wiz in every couple of years.  He would amaze us with his ability to add 3,4 or 5 columns of numbers at once.  I don’t recall he every taught us HOW to ADD that way, just the we COULD do it.  I never liked math as a student, I didn’t like to manipulate the numbers.  Just let me count them.  As I watch old movies, I often try to focus on the American Flag, I try to quick get a sense of the number of stars.  I guess I been given the counting gene, it’s grandpa’s fault.

1, 2 buckle my shoe, 3, 4 close the door…….


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