Brown Water

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When you’re building a house or garage, most municipal building inspectors get really touchy about water and drainage. When we built a new garage, living in Minnesota, even though the dimensions were for a 3 1/2 car unit we weren’t allowed to install “gray water” drains.

Water comes in various degrees of clarity. Our home uses a well, and in this lime stone area, it retains a little “tint” of calcium and iron. Because of its clarity (or lack thereof) it retains a slight yellowish color and a slight smell. Surprisingly it smells more AFTER running through the softener.

When we had our current garage built, we had “gray” water drains installed.  These are drains that ONLY carry gray water, water that consists only of winter road salt, muddy water, etc.  Since it’s gray water a goose neck to trap gas is not necessary.

Living in the country we have a septic system, and in our basement there is a below grade (below ground level) bathroom and shower.  Its water drains into a small holding tank and is pumped up and out to the septic.  Our water softener is also in the basement and discharges into the holding tank. Eventually the salty water discharge “eats” away at the pump operation and every two years, or so, the pump quits and must be replaced.

Yesterday, was the day the pump quit.  Replacement is not an insurmountable job.  The vertical pump pipe has a “check valve” in the middle.  That’s a one way valve that lets water go up but not back down each time the pump empties the tank.   Replacement is merely a matter of disconnecting the pump and piping below the check valve, put on the new pump and way we go.  Well, that was the plan.  In reality, I didn’t have quite enough clearance, so, Plan B was to cut the pipe and then re-join the two piece with a coupler and life is good, until AFTER making my initial hardware store run (for the pump), I discovered that my PVC glue was dried up which which required hardware store trip two.

Preparing the piping reattachment  wasn’t going too well, the coupler didn’t want to couple, I slipped, grabbed for the check valve, which gave way and I took a brown water shower.

I should explain about my term “brown” water.  Well……..brown water is what I call the the contents ABOVE the check valve that include the toilet paper and all that is associated with it!!!!!!!

My wife began commenting on the aroma permeating to the next level above the my current working area!!!  She should have been in MY position!!!

Five more minutes, project is done and I take my aroma and clothing up to the next level to the laundry room.

Brown Water…..Ugh……..may you never be so blessed.


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