Post #384

Well this was unexpected! In my previous post, on Tootles I talked about losing my marbles and so I have.

Some years ago, the children, determined that the time had come that my father-in-law needed the surroundings and security of Assisted Living.  My mother-in-law had passed and my father-in-law was living alone and driving around town.  But, he had been forgetting many things.  He was also falling prey for those dubious persons that mailed monetary requests to save the Panama Canal (even after we had transferred canal ownership), save the Eagle, Save Social Security, and on and on.  He was mailing checks monthly to different causes, often to the same Post Office Box.

Once situated in the Assisted Living facility we visited on a regular basis.  His room was near the dining hall.  The dining hall was great place, giving the picture and a nice restaurant, having various meals available from menus and even cloth napkins. My father-in-law had this one habit.  After every meal, he’d get up, place the napkin on his walker return to his room and then proceed to dispose of the napkin—-in the trash!  We’d visit every couple of days and I would dig the napkins out of the trash, carry them to the dining hall and return them for cleaning.

I fix our breakfast, almost every morning.  Usually my wife isn’t sufficiently awake to find the peanut butter, and if she finds it, it doesn’t get put back to its proper location.  A couple of years ago, my wife decided that using cloth napkins provided an element of elegance for the two of us. So, she bought six.  Yesterday I came to the kitchen to begin breakfast preparation and noticed that MY cloth napkin was not in its usual resting place. (Unless completely “soiled” we may use them over a period of 2 or 3 days.)  As my wife sat down, I asked, “What did you do with my napkin?”.  She looked at my place and saying, “I didn’t do anything with your napkin!”.

We ate breakfast and conversed about the napkin, which before the previous evenings supper had come from the wash, was folded and placed at my position. We each began retracing our actions after last nights supper.   We looked in every kitchen drawer and cupboard- three times!  Every room of the house-three times!  We looked in the trash, paper products, the garbage-non paper items-three times, the dish washer? nope! The refrigerator? nope!  After last nights supper, I had gone to the garage, nope, not in the car OR the truck, or the work bench or any of the shelves! Looked there twice!  I’m pointing the finger at my wife for losing my napkin, she, on the other hand, says it was MY napkin so the fault MUST be mine.

Last week I wrote to you about Tootles post #383 and maybe that in my forgetfulness I was losing my marbles.

I’m now contemplating that this is a MULTI-PERSON event!  I think BOTH my wife are I are losing our marbles!  Maybe losing isn’t  the correct word, it appears that LOST fits better.  Beware all of you younger people, TOOTLES is also on YOUR horizon!


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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