A Child of the Cold War

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In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned an old black and white television program called “I Lead Three Lives”.  It was spun from the McCarthy Era where everyone was a spy for the Russians. The show focused on the life of one man who lead the life of; 1. a family man, 2. a (deemed) Russian spy and 3. a double agent for the United States.

I don’t remember how it began, but somewhere in WWII we obtained (or maybe detained) a number German scientists who developed the Atomic bomb, it was a top secret military operation named the Manhattan Project.  Later, as researched continued there was the development the Hydrogen Bomb.  With that advancement, one or more of the scientists, fearing a tipping of the balance of power, gave bomb information to the Russians.   And so began the McCarthy Hearings where everyone “inquisitioned” was labeled a spy, whether guilty or not.

This was the cloud from which my childhood began. Today we sit in luxury and watch the “tube” of bombing or gassing of innocent persons in foreign lands and have pity. or compassion or disregard for their plight.  Yet, as a child, I can recall everyday, we awoke to the threat that today could be the day that Russia sends its’ rockets.  Our only comfort was knowing that IF they pushed the first button, we’d push the last!  It was a great relief, years later, when under President Reagan the Soviet Block was dismantled.  It was an even greater relief when an accord was reached to dismantle hundreds of U.S and Russian missiles.

The numbers of us living in the cold war era are dwindling. Every morning could have been the day, the Cuban Missile crisis wore on our nerves, knowing that finger hovered above the RED BUTTON.  Our concern was what were THEY thinking and doing?  It was the Democrats in 1964 that so wanted to affirm the election of Lyndon Johnson for President that in the final days, they repeatedly aired a television commercial showing Barry Goldwater, a little girl picking flowers and an atomic  bomb explosion, exploiting our cold war fears.

Today it’s not just the Russians, it’s now China, Iran and North Korea that possess rocketry weapons and have or are designing nuclear war heads.  As we know now, North Korea seems bent on a direct path of confrontation.  It was President Clinton that trusted North Korean negotiators and paid $4 Billion dollars for Korea’s dismantling of it’s nuclear weapons research. I believe every President since has hoped for and sought resolution  from theirs non-trustworthy leaders.

How can North Korea be handled or even trusted?   Russia won’t help, they’re too busy placing designs on re-conquering the buffer countries that left the USSR.  China will be questionable, because they have major cities within striking reach of North Korea’s missiles.  Wonder who that leaves?  Today we have put “defensive” missiles in South Korea.  China sees this as similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis and demands there dismantling.

I was a child of the Cold War.  I guess the war was never one, it merely laid dormant.  Now I’m an old man in the Cold War, and we have more players. It still hangs out there, “Today, could be the day”.


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