Can”t Dance Too Wet to Plow

Post # 386  I’m sitting here in distress!  It’s spring time here in the middle-Midwest and I’m get fidgety.  We came bounding out of winter right into to gale winds and warming temperatures.  We couch potatoes anticipate spring and the “popping” of the infamous morel mushrooms. The morel is a wild fungus that can not be replicated domestically!  Soaked in salty water to kill bugs, sliced in half, dipped in egg and rolled in flour (or for the those backwards people, rolled in flour and THEN dipped in egg) you fry them to in a skillet of butter until golden brown.  (NOTE: I NEVER visit my cardiologist during mushroom season!!)

Mushroom season begins with warming temperatures, and the looking of and the finding of the initial morel (the gray ones) and the following week if conditions are right, yellow ones.  The yellow ones tend to be larger.  This was a promising year, finding more grays than ever, early in the springtime.  We only hunt on our property and patches are small but we find enough for three of us to enjoy mushrooms as a side dish for a few meals. Just as the expected yellows were to pop, we had long stretch of dry and extremely hot weather, followed by 36 hours of rain and unseasonably cold!  Death on the morels.  I got out yesterday in the 40 mph winds and found an abundance of waist high wild mustard everywhere.  I never have found morels near or around wild mustard, which is an invasive weed.

Well it rained again anyway.  Today it’s nice but we’re forecast to received  5 inches of rain in the next 36 hours beginning this afternoon.  I contacted by farmer neighbor he can”t plow, he is about two weeks behind in planting this year.

Can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow.  I Don’t know how that phrase began.  But boy is it true. It is too wet and I never could dance, still can’t, dance that is. I must try too hard to flow with the music.  Music flows through me best while sitting on the couch. It seems that my feet and brain must speak different languages, for there is NO communication between the two. My head hears the tune and my feet stomp grapes or someone else’s toes!  I lean too far forward and wind up with a back ache!

There was a brief moment, in my life, when I attended dances in school.  We called them “sock hops” then.  The sock hop was held in the school basketball gym and we were required to remove our street shoes before walking (or dancing) on the wooden floor. It was the time in my life when girls, while still a mystery, were more interesting than they had been a few years previous.  For about one year I was a pretty fair (dancer), well if you call doing the “Twist” a dance.  For me, I could stand in one place, never moving my feet, as I swung my arms left my hips went to the right and then visa-versa, and on occasion I would lean left then right.  Luckily my feet didn’t have to “listen” to anything and didn’t have to move!  The first sock-hop I attended I must have sweated out five pounds.  I learned also that I could slow dance if there were lots of people on the floor.  You didn’t have move very far, just sort of rock back and forth and shuffle or slightly slide your foot over there, that way you didn’t pick up your feet and place them down on top of your partners foot!

Yeah those were the days.  I see it’s clouding up again.  It’s Too wet to plow, or in my case too wet to go out and chain up those blown down trees.  Guess I’ll sit on the couch and wait for fishing season.



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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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