I Don’t Care What China Thinks!

Post # 388

Well we’ve returned to our summer place and I’ve been listening to the rants and raves of the Washington Beltway.  And since we are only a couple of hundred miles from the border let me say I’m glad I brought my passport, JUST IN CASE a rapid exit is needed to avoid a North Korean missile attack!

Beside that point, we’re back and I’ve been able to use my Toaster!!  If you don’t remember my musings on that, you can refer to an earlier blog (pre-numbering days) on June 22, 2011 called the Toaster.

When you purchase a toaster, often the contents of the box contains an explanatory brochure on toasting expectations and results.  It seems that your toasting results are predicated on the texture of the item to be toasted.  Apparently the greater the coarseness the longer the toasting time is required.  As I have explained before, I prepare our breakfasts.  And, yes, we do indulge in bagels and English muffins but a “muffin” bread product is our favorite.  We used to purchase the Master Bakery Muffin Bread at our summer location (not to be found at home!)  We do take some of this home in the fall for our enjoyment.  However Master Bread was sold to Sara Lee and like all sales and purchases accountants suggest recipe changes for cost savings and profit production.

We’ve been through one of those “short” cord toasters t home and recently purchased another.  Every morning I drop in the slices and every morning I get “raw” toast.  That’s bread thats not toasted on all of the edges and one side is untoasted.  Wait!  Before you form your opinions; after we have devoured our first slice, I prepared another, the second slice comes out almost burnt on one side and almost toasted on the other.  Learning to lean over the sink (to avoid my previous crumbs on the floor event), I turn the toaster(s) over and yes there it is, MADE IN CHINA!!!

Back at the summer place, I place the same type of bread in my Sears Motor Matic Toaster, and whirrr down it proceeds and when completed, whirrr up it comes, perfectly toasted on both sides and all four corners.  I look at the bottom and sure enough MADE IN THE USA.

I’ve got to confess, in my research for toaster replacement, I couldn’t find a MADE in the USA toaster available, and no there were no SEARS Motor Matics around, if i see one in a second hand store I’ll get it!!!  I’ve concluded that the Chinese don’t understanding toasting bread.  I don’t care what they think, they just can’t make a competent product and beyond that, apparently there isn’t a retailer that cares either.

So, there you are, stuck eating raw toast!!!



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