Again With Verizon

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So, I want you to picture this…….I drove up the gas pumps Monday for my regular fill up, and I did (fill up that is). I paid for my gas.  I’m paying for something I haven’t used yet.  I drove for week and then drove up to gas again to fill up, but since I 10 gallons left in my tank, I drained it out, threw it away and then refilled my tank.

Now, do you think I’m stupid or not???

Well, get this, Verizon is my Internet Carrier via a portable MIFI.  I currently contract, monthly, for 5 gigabytes of data, not much and we usually to go over, 1 or 2 gigs. Verizon would really like us to contract for 10 gigs.  Why should I pay for 10 if I only use 6 or 7.  It’s like my car example……..

Again with Verizon. I have mentioned that we summer in Minnesota.  “Can you hear me now?” NO!!!  Where we are here in Minnesota my MIFI will not reach a Verizon Service area.  So, we take advantage of the SUSPEND option.  We suspend the MIFI service  since we won’t be using it, that saves us $50 a month for three months. You can only suspend service for three months without losing your number and starting over again.  However, Verizon changed the rules in April 2017 and didn’t tell anyone.  Still you can suspend for ONLY three months, but you ONLY SAVE $10 a month.  I still get billed $40 for our account.  If you were on a more expensive package say $100 a month, you would still pay $90.   So what’s the picture, I’ve got to PAY Verizon for NOT USING thier service!!!!!

The problem here is that at my home, Verizon has the strongest MIFI signal.  How this SO reminds me of the days when MA-BELL was the only phone line carrier and you paid what they demanded, no matter how bad the service!!!!

Thank You Verizon for again proving you are the Corporate Mongrel I’ve come to expect you to be………………



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