If I’d Only Known

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“If I’d only known”…..how many times have we said that or heard someone say that.  Or “the older I get the smarter I get”.  Usually those terms are an indication of experience.  Its not that we’ve gotten any smarter, it’s just that since we’ve already done it, we know the outcome.

If I’d been one minute sooner or slower I’d have not been in that accident. If I’d only known I’d lose my finger I wouldn’t have put my hand in the saw!  Yeah, there’s all kinds of affects to our personal well being for not using common sense.

I’ve heard many people say that if they just had known when this terminal illness would hit them they would of done this or that differently.  Or some might say, “If I just had more time” to do the things they really wanted.

It seems we want to be able to see into the future.  Our human nature is such that we couldn’t handle the information.  We’d surely mope around concerned about the end time event approaching.

I’ve been reading my grandfather’s diaries.  I was excited to read of their day to day happenings in the 30’s and 40’s.  I’m slowing down on the reading, now.  I’m approaching their later years, I KNOW WHAT”S ABOUT TO HAPPEN.  I’m approaching these years with trepidation.

I guess it’s a good thing not to know what is about to befall you in life. Sort of reminds me of the passage in Luke 13:1-5, you just need to be prepared.


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