Kids, Kids and more Kids

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I was raised and lived in an agricultural college community.  What the means is that we lived near a large University, but away from the city, out in the country.   My family knew one of the Ag Professors because we attended the same church.

One day this professor and I were talking.  Actually, it was a rarity, I was LISTENING and HE was talking. Everybody has a theory on life and he was no different, and he was expressing his to me.  “You know” he says, “the problem in this country is that we don’t produce enough kids”.  Since I was newly married I wasn’t sure what he was implying, although I recall he had about six kids of his own. He went on to explain his theory, that professional and working class couples were practicing population reduction by only having one or two children, yet we were paying for the non-working class to continue having children.  The more children they had the more we paid.  His take on our society was that welfare recipients propagated more recipients, while the working society failed to produce enough workers.   Being my senior, I listened.  I thought that his philosophy seemed a little brash.

Fast forward to today. Being a member of the baby-boomer generation, I am one of a large number of people that failed to produce enough millennials to support us.  Although I thought we did our part, three children and 10 grandchildren.  As a retiree, we enjoy going out to eat a couple times a week.  Ok, truthfully, my wife would prefer MORE than a couple of times a week, and in the summer months it tends to be less than that. We are noticing a trend, no one  has enough help.  The restaurants all seem to be short of cooks, or waiters/waitresses or bus boys. There just isn’t enough help.  I recall as a child, when my family went out to eat, it was usually to a family owned establishment, where the owners were proud of what they prepared for you.  Drive up and down the roads today and almost every eatery is a company owned or franchised business.  The workers are employees, who merely move from one job to another with little regard for quality or service.

Another problem today is that from birth we desire for our children to attend college, as the ONLY way to “get ahead”.  College prices are going up, and more people are going in than can come out with jobs.  There the graduate sits with debt up to their eyes balls and no way to pay it off.  So a four or six year degree graduate takes a retail sales job.

Ok, maybe it’s just that I’m getting older, but I don’t recall having to sit 20 minuets with menu in hand waiting for my waitress to see me some years ago………..

We need more kids!!!!


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