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Have I ever mentioned my wife?  Well, sure I have, in the many stories of our early years, and a lot of Va Va VaVoom comments. We have been married 48 years and counting. Depending on the audience, I usually say 46 GOOD YEARS and a couple of tough ones, in that a day here and day there adds up to a couple of years over the long haul.

She has mentioned that in our early years one my attributes was that I made her laugh.  She doesn’t say that much any more.  Then again our children will attest to the fact that redundant jokes tend to loose their flavor…..

We’ve been retired for eleven years, wow, who would have guessed.  And in those eleven years I have drug her every summer up to the lake.  It’s not like its a new place, we’ve been either vacationing or weekending here since 1978!  But in our retirement years, like many people who winter in the warmth of Florida, we escape the heat and humidity by summering in Minnesota. It’s not just at the lake, it’s a lake, in the middle of an Indian Reservation, surrounded by a National Forest. True we’re only 12 miles from a metropolis of 900, but still its out there.  We’re not alone, however.  We are part of a small community of 10 mobile homes adjoining the Adventure North Resort. My best friend and I fish every day. Well every day that we deem worthy of venturing out on a lake of 115,000 acres of water. My wife is not the fisherman that I am nor that our friends are.  Direct sun light affects my wife’s skin. So, she prefers fishing in the evening, trolling is her choice. It can’t be too hot, nor too cool, nor too windy. Oh, yes and the fish need to be biting (or striking as we troll) lest she pulls out the book she brought along. Well I’m glad she comes along, she enjoys the sunsets.

My wife is not a outdoorsy person, allergies, keep her from gardening, flower bedding as well as most other outside things. It probably give the neighbors the idea that she’s stuck up. However, she loves to read, constantly, and jig saw puzzles, cross words, etc. hold her interest.  When first began coming north she enjoyed shopping at gift, antique and clothing stores, one of the things she really looks forward to doing here.  Her partner in this crime was my mother while she came north and then later on her daughter and daughter-in-laws. They would drag the younger kids along on these trips which relegated  “the men” to fish.  This year was the beginning of different times. the young ones weren’t into shopping, they had moved to fishing.  The daughter and daughter-in-laws didn’t have shopping on their agendas either.  And, many of the good stores have come and gone.

So, after four months, the wife is ready to go home.  She wants to return to her house.  She’s been here long enough, she’s bored, not enough shopping, no side trips, and not many good trolling adventures.

I guess I just need to realize how lucky I am that she puts up with this for four months every year. Not many husbands have a wife that would sacrifice that much, year in and year out……….

….maybe I should to pick up a good joke book?………naw, they would probably be dumber that what I make up….


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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2 Responses to Sacrifice

  1. Tom Swartz says:

    Clearly, as most males have, you married up. Congrats.

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