Best Laid Plans

Post #402

Well we finished reading my grandfather’s diaries.  November 1984 he passed away.  It seemed that in his final years many days were the same. After grandmother passed certain things happened that determined he could no longer live alone.  He moved in with my aunt, in the beginning the beginning years they ate together, went to church together etc.  Later, certainly, they must have gotten on each others nerves.  My grandfather went daily to McDonald’s for two daily meals.  It was interesting that he still gardened, drove to the drug store (probably to get his Snuff AND his Chicago Tribune), but in the final days there was no mention of feeling poorly.  In fact his last day he noted how he had received a letter from President Reagan thanking him for his support. Then, there were no more entries.  He was 81.

As we were reading these diaries, I thought about our summer trips to Leech Lake, Minnesota.  I’ve said before the lake is 115,000 acres.  I usually only fish on about a third of  that water.  I began thinking that I needed to spread my fishing territory and methods.  I mapped out, in my head, known productive places, that I never visit.  Also I planned my extension to species I usually don’t focus on. It’s May 18th, and I’m unpacking the car.  It’s September 12th and I’m repacking the car.  Wait, where did summer go???

You get so tired, hearing older people say “boy how time fly’s”.  Well, I’m not going to say that.  I will say that yesterday our first child was born.  Today our first, second and third children have given us 10 grandchildren.

Back  to summer, you know all those places I mapped out to fish, well out of 10, I got to one!  I did try for some of those other species of fish, once or twice.  Boy, it was such a good year for Muskies.  I saw at least two dozen Muskies come to the boat, alas only two wanted to be pictured with me.

Just like my grandfather’s days, you just get caught up in the day to day things,  and the next thing you know………


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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