Of Mice and Men

Post 403

As you have been aware, those who religiously read this blog, that I (we) are returning from our summer vacation to home.  That being said, it is done, we ARE home.

There are just certain awakenings that happen once you return home after an extended leave. This years list includes;

We take an extended vacation Up North, to escape the summer heat and humidity of our central Indiana location.  Upon our return home, a heat and humidity event began that hasn’t been seen here since mid-July and will extend past the first day of fall.

Secondly we now have a gate. Yep, a pad locked gate.  We have a shared driveway with a neighbor that lives further down the lane from us.  This summer there were late night visitors driving around our houses.  So, up went a gate!

Weeds have taken over most of our surroundings, including our drive and parking area. Gravel just doesn’t keep weeds down.

Oh, yeah, I use a boiler for hot water and home heat and I shut down when gone.  It would not light.  Had to call our favorite repairman (who sees us every year at this time).  The pressure sensing valve was gunked.

Big brown, quarter size spiders nestled in every nook and cranny of exterior corners-luckily it was exterior. My vacuum and sucked up 15 and counting…

Did I mention the August 1st storm.  An electrical strike appears to have hit our Ma-Bell land line.  Interesting, we dropped Ma-Bell several years ago, but the incoming box remains-disconnected.  But the strike blew the cover off, landing it 25 feet away.  It (the strike) crossed over to the disconnected in-house line (looking for a home!)

The strike entered the house into my whole house junction box and proceeded to blow out the 12 location connector module, proceed on to the security box then up to security cell control box blew off its cover, branched to our in-house wireless phone base units (2) and blew out those and settled in my Verizon in-home cell receiver-it is no more!

As I was busily tracking and attempting to solve our communication difficulties, my wife was busily putting way suitcases, boxes, bags etc. We have a storage room below a staircase, much like Harry Potter. She (my wife) says come and smell this room. (yes, as I’m standing on a ladder, volt ohm meter in one hand jumper wires in the other, a diversion to smell a room is tops on my list.  YES DEAR, coming.  Yes? Why does it smell like dead mouse?  We’ve never, NEVER, had a mouse in the house. Between wiring, 12 mile jaunts to Best Buy and power washing the deck, a day and half is invested into cadaver mouse hunting.  Most curious however, there are NO droppings to be found. OK, half the boxes in the closet, half out.  The closet smells better. Moving boxes around the offender is discovered.  The box of Easter decorations. Slowly we uncover and itemize the contents.  THERE!  Wrapped in a plastic bag is the purchased remembrance of our spring trip to the Amana Colonies, hand painted (uncooked) eggs, guaranteed not to spoil!  Well, maybe they won’t spoil if their NOT wrapped in plastic!

Today my phones are working, security replacement in on the way, and spiders are running from my vacuum.  Oh, did I tell you about my toads?  Yes, as we pulled in, toads, toads everywhere, all over the drive, reminded me of Moses!  Well, the toads seem to have disappeared the more we are around.

Now, to finish up power washing the deck. Kerw-Plew!!!!!  Dang, dang, dang.  While putting the spray nozzle on, I forgot to be sure it was snapped into place.  Do you know how far a 1300 psi power washer can shoot a little spray nozzle into the woods?  I don’t know either!  I spent 45 minutes with a leaf rake and metal detector, and it’s not to be found.

Excuse me, I’ve got to drive to Home Depot and buy a replacement nozzle.

I look back over these events and think about Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  Certainly sounds to me like I’m wining.  I guess I’m actually thankful that these little problems occurred.  Makes me realize all times that run smoothly, how truly Blessed I am.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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3 Responses to Of Mice and Men

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    I wish there was a video of you shooting the tip off of your power washer

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