No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service

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As we read through my grandfathers diaries, one thing jump out at us. Service.  It seemed that my grandfather always had things that broke.  If his lawn mower or rotor tiller broke he’d take it back to Sears and they’d repair it.  If it was the riding lawn mower, Sears would send a repairman out.  And not just Sears, but Wards, Penny’s, TV repairman and on and on.  Businesses provided service.

When I was in grade school, I had my first visit to an ophthalmologist. That’s when I learned how poorly my eyesight really was. As treat or reward for my visit, my mother and I stopped by the first MacDonald’s on Indianapolis Blvd (US 41) in Hammond, Ind. In the real early days, you walked up to the window, placed your order and carried the “goods” back to the car.   This old man went to our newly remodeled MacDonald’s today for lunch. (The wife was out on an errand, which left me on my own…hehehe!!) Whoa!!  I no longer was allowed to place my order at the counter.  Now I had to go to the kiosk, choose my items choices by touching the screen (what is this Windows 12??) my table number and method of payment were all touch screen!!! It only took me four times as long to place my order as the last time I was here, but MacDonald’s saved 3 counter helpers!  As I looked at this “store”, I realized that the outside is now painted dark Gray.  I wonder if that’s a hint?  Are all dark Gray MacDonald’s kiosk’d?  I expect my next visit I’ll find Androids cooking and serving the food!! Thank You Data…

We got home from summer vacation and I explained all the “STUFF” that we encountered in my last blog.  Add to that list the failure of my 10 year old riding lawn mower to ride, or even start, or even act like it thought about starting. Point of reference, this mower was 10 years old when I bought it.  It looked like our lawn SERVICE had missed 3 weeks, and the wife says they’re done, not coming back.  So, I got on Craigslist and located another 29 year old rider for sale close by. Saw it, drove it, bought and brought home just as the lawn service was arriving.  They were concerned seeing the mower in the truck bed.  I said its a backup for when they quit showing up. The mower seller told me the front tire leaked air.  So, the next day I determined that it had two pin holes in the sidewall.  Off to town I went to purchase a new tire.  My last rider tire was purchased and installed at Rural King, ah, they don’t handle tires nor installations any more…….  So, since this was a Sears mower, and sear tire rim with a Sears tire (clearly marked Sears all over it), I went to Sears, oh-no, they don’t sell lawn mower tires nor install them either.  They sent me over to Tractor Supply.  Sure enough, they have the tire. Guess what, they don’t install them.  They suggest going back to Discount Tire, who does sell tires, but not lawn mower tires, but does install (that’s mounting the tire upon the rim) lawn mower tires. Go figure that…..  Truly, it’s easier to buy a riding lawn mower on ANY street corner. You just not use it, if you get a flat tire no one mounts tire on the rim.

All of this reminded me of our summer vacation, how hard it was to get service at most restaurants. No one had enough staff.  I think about 80% of the restaurants we visited were short staffed. At one we even walked out…..

You know I hear a lot of complaining that manufacturing is leaving this country and jobs are disappearing.  True as that may be the real problem is no one wants to work.  The number one job desire is to manage someone else. All of our businesses want to measure success by units sold AND costs saved.  No one wants to SERVICE anything any more, that’s too much like work.

No shoes, no shirt and certainly NO SERVICE.  There isn’t enough service in this country anymore.  We need to find people to be trained in the trades and repair service industries.  Today my grandfather couldn’t get his TV repaired.


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