Update on My “Marbles”

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On April 19, 2017, I wrote a blog entitled Marbles, which actually, was a follow-up to its previous story line entitled Tootles.  Marbles, Tootles

So, we came home from summer vacation and began looking at the many things around the ‘estate’ that either needed or were going to need attention. The second item on the list of priorities was the garage. We don’t have an attached garage.  We built a log cabin and this detached garage and this guy (yours truly) wanted the garage to look identical to the cabin, so it was made of wood, stained and treated with a sealer to be the same color as the house. Well, here it is about 12 years later and it’s REALLY time to consider refinishing.  An  identical finish would be an arduous job, so I decided a paint would be better. (Let me just say that I consider 12 years on one finish to be a superb result of the product.)  Be that as it may, I’m not getting much response on my project, the wife thinks I could probably do this myself. She’s even willing to scrape or wire brush!!!

By the way, this really isn’t a story about garage painting……  So, I power wash, wire brush, and scrape various parts of the garage (there are just some things better done by yourself, rather than your wife).  My wife begins making apple pies while I begin painting (an exceptional trade off) and find myself up the top of a 32 foot extension ladder (did I ever explain that I DON’T do heights??). I’m at the far end of the garage when the wife comes out and yells; “I found it!!  Any of you men who have been married for MORE than 5 years will attest to the fact that the only time your wife REALLY wants your attention is when your at the top of a 32 foot extension ladder or in the midst of some similar project!!

“WHAT????”  says I, immediately concerned that I’m going to be required to put my brush away and descend the ladder.  “I found the napkin” she says…  My light bulb comes on!  She says “it was in the middle of the flags”.  It seems a number of women believe that a homes’ decoration must include some sort of yard flag and there neatly folded amongst the flags was my long lost napkin.

You know what’s so great about this?????  We NOW know who the PERP was and more importantly, who the perp wasn’t for misplacing the napkin!!!!!!   HeHeHe……..

So, for all you asking over the last few months if the napkin had ever been found…..we now have your answer…….


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One Response to Update on My “Marbles”

  1. eulalia309 says:

    So happy to that the lost id found!


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