We’re Going to the Dogs!!

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We’ve just returned from a weekend visit to our youngest in Atlanta.  Let’s say, that we’ve given up flying.  It’s no fun flying any more, there being such a significant amount of scrutiny and that everything seems to automated, like check-in.  Actually we are enjoying driving/riding, there being so much to see and appreciate along the route.

Lets just say that enjoyable driving does not included certain drivers nor road construction.  We are just about to the point in this country that all 4-lane interstates need to be 6 lane and all 6-lane should be 8 and so on.  I’ll leave Indiana roads and traffic for different rant.

We usually plan our drive to leave here in order to avoid local rush hour traffic, but that always seems to put us in Atlanta rush hour, although I’m beginning to believe that like Chicago, there is no stated rush hour, rather it’s always congested. Our kids live in the Mid-town area, roads there were laid out during the civil war era allotting for two wagons and single horse rider to meet at the same time.  In these modern times the roads are marked as four lanes but designed for the width of 3 1/2 cars and they are rarely resurfaced.  Picture this, if you’re too far center, a number of other cars get displaced. If you’re six (that’s 6) inches to the right of the curb, you’ll wipe out every utility pole on the street!  I have a cousin that lives in the Atlanta area; I never could figure out why she moved around so much.  It dawned on me this trip.  If you change jobs, you better move into that area or you’ll never make it to work on time!!  Two story buildings are being replaced by high-rise apartment and office buildings without regard to traffic flow.

Well for this trip we left earlier and arrived during congestion.  Luckily, however, the kids live such that congestion merely lasted for around 15 miles of stop and stop on the interstate and 15 blocks of squeeze through there, city driving!  But, I didn’t sit down here to talk about traffic although as you can tell it left its semi-annual impression on me!!

This was a working weekend, which entailed a couple of trips to the Home Depot Store.  I brought my Midwestern demeanor down here to Atlanta.  While on the way to the store some locals waved at us I returned the gesture.  Apparently, luckily, we were moving, and my son chastised me, indicating we were nearly swarmed by day-workers looking for cash work!!  It was in Home Depot store where I noticed the first significant change from previous visits. Atlanta used to express some of the southern hospitality, at least cordiality.  This trip showed how the people thought of themselves first, cutting you off in the isles, etc. Had it not been for Georgia plates on the cars, I would have thought I was in New York City.

But the second thing I noticed was the dogs.  Dogs everywhere.  Hey, I’m a dog lover.  I had many a dog in my life time.  But give me a break, dogs have THEIR place, which is in your yard or at your feet. As I shopped in Home Depot I began thinking I had gone to a DOG PARK!  I would say 20% of the shoppers brought their dogs with them INSIDE!!  Hey, I believe dogs should left home to guard the house or heard the cattle, not help you pick out paint.

Anyway, I saw big dogs.  I saw those little “dogs” (that don’t seem to know how to walk on their own!) And I saw medium dogs of all kinds.  But!!  The real shocker!!  I met this one couple walking toward me. One of the guys was pulling what appeared to be a kids backpack, with wheels and luggage type handle, down the isle.  I casually turned, as they passed, to get a glimpse.  The backpack zippered flap had a mesh see-through upper half two or three pair of beady eyes looking at me.  I looked away as my mind was sorting and trying to register the breed of puppy they had.  Wait!! My mind was befuddled, I looked again, zoomed by eyes like a pair of high powered binoculars and saw 3 baby raccoons looking out!!!!!!

I’ve got to say, this town is going to the dogs!!!  I don’t know if going to Atlanta gives me a reality check or a futuristic sci-fi check!  Can’t wait to get back home…..


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