Post # 413  Ok, I’ve been good too long, it’s time to venture out of my shell!

I been pondering on aerodynamics for awhile.  No, I’m not an astronaut, and no, I’m not a pilot, and no, I’m not a scientist, I am an accountant.  Well, I was one, n accountant that is, until I retired.  Now, I’m just a retiree with time on his hands to think.  (Usually my wife says “Go think somewhere else, I’m trying to read!!!”)

Anyway I was considering the physics (not my strongest subject in college) of aerodynamics.  My father trained as pilot in WWII and he once explained, to me, how “lift” worked on an airplane.  So, let me share with you this picture.  Our airplane example has a propeller on the front, which turns.  It’s turning, at a significant RPM to pull our palne and to create a wind turbulence to the wings.  The plane is heavy enough to sit (by gravity) on the ground, but light enough that the turbulent air can (by re-positioning the wing flaps) create a lift. So the propeller pulls the plane forward, the turbulent air surrounds the wing and lift helps the plane rise. And so once the plane is airborne the propeller pulls the plane across the sky. By “dumping” the lift from one wing or the other, the plane can roll and turn.

The reason I’ve been thinking upon this, is that many of our Midwestern states, as well as have been erecting electric generating wind mills. We know that the earth turns from east to west, ( that’s why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west )  There was a time when our local television station had a local radar channel and there was ALWAYS a storm right at the location of the nearest windmill “farm”.  Actually the radar wasn’t filtered, so air turbulence was be identified by the radar. Which brings me to my question; If the windmill creates turbulence, and if a strong, sustained east wind arises, couldn’t all the windmills create “additional” PULL, making the east to west earth rotation faster and thereby making our 24 hour day actually shorter?  Conversely, wouldn’t a strong sustained west wind cause the earth rotation to slow, making our day longer?  I think this theory is proven by the fact that we have had a number of east winds lately and seemingly it’s getting dark sooner!!!

Isn’t it fun to think about things OUTSIDE you field of expertise?  Think I’ll contract myself out as a scientist….. 😉


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