Breaking News!!!

Post # 414

I was glued to the television. They were airing a “breaking news” item.  The special prosecutor had broken the case.  It was disconcerting.  Just how deep into the inner circle did the lawless and deceit go?  Did it really go to the top as the news casters and opposing party proposed?

Finally, under pressure one of them broke.  The story, the real story was unfolding, slowly, but out it came.  Others, began to be implicated.  Behind it all was the President. Sure a select group in the inner circle orchestrated the events, but it was the President that wanted it done.

It was 1972 and the story was Watergate.

It’s Daja Vue.  I can only shake my head.  How does history repeat itself in such a short period of time?  Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, I really dislike that phrase, but how true it is.


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