I Don’t Know Who That Is

Post #418

We attended an “Outlaw” gathering the other day.  That’s where a bunch of my wife’s family gets together and I get to sit in back corner.  There’s some young people in this group, one of which is a niece that’s a Purdue University junior.  The niece has a new boy friend, who is also there.

There is some excitement around campus.  After a number of years of the football team playing in the “gutter”, a break-even record was obtain earning an invitation to one of the 10,000 bowl games scheduled this winter.

So here we are, sitting around the dinner table with the outlaws and the niece’s new boy friend exclaimed that he had met someone that actually attended Purdue during the Drew Brees years and how exciting that must have been!  My ears picked up!  What???  My kids were attending Purdue during the Brees era.

Proudly I exclaimed, I attended Purdue during the Bob Griese era!  Who?? He says, I don’t know who that is??

I was shocked to my socks!!!  How could anyone even haphazardly follow Purdue Football and NOT know Bob Griese?  I think he may have been the first Purdue Quarterback to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.  He was Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, who with Mercury Morse and Larry Csonka won the 1973 Superbowl.  Incidentally, he was turned down by Nortre Dame as quarterback for being too short!  In 1965 Purdue and Bob Griese beat #1 ranked Nortre Dame 25-21. (unfortunately it was the only time he beat Nortre Dame)

Oh, what history has been lost on the young!!  How about Len Dawson, Bob DeMoss, Mike Phipps, Dale Samuels, or Mark Hermann.

Sure, I’m 70 but I think of myself as 40 (or so, depending on the weather and my arthritis).  But the morning after that family gathering I got up, looked in the mirror and said. Who is that? I don’t know who that is????


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