Fake Truth

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This has been an interesting and yet scary year.  We were taught a new term this past year, “Fake News”.  When I was a school kid, we were told that fake news was called YELLOW JOURNALISM.  I guess different generations call things differently. I could give the example of thongs vs. flip flops, but no one under 60 would understand it.

The country is all agog about Net Neutrality.  How, President Obama made a Directive to protect the average internet user and now President Trump’s FCC (Federal Communications Commission) commissioner will be voting to take away that (pricing) protection.

It seems that all in all, these past years, the internet providers haven’t been able to make enough money to conduct any research to advance our technology. (Is that right????) I guess I don’t understand.  First, if these company’s can’t make any money then why are more companies entering the industry. Second, if company doesn’t make money, then they lose money, which means they go bankrupt and/or under. I don’t see anyone going under. Thirdly, if we are that far behind in technology, why don’t we just go steal it from China or Russia, they seem to be able to penetrate anything we have, affecting our elections and taking our personal data, lets take their technology it seems pretty good!!

I saw two articles today as I looked at Google News-Technology-FCC.

First: FCC Commissioner tells Jordan Klepper that “Opposition to Net Neutrality has fake names, and Russian accents.  (AV Club 8hrs. ago.)

I’ve got to say here, I’m confused.  I, me, personally sent Commissioner Pia an email protesting his upcoming decision to eliminate the internet protection.   And let me just say there’s NOTHING foreign about my name, which is English and our family has been in this country since 1650.  I’m not sure that I can say the same for the Commissioner. I think the commissioner has just given us a “fake truth”!!!

Second: One hour ago (12/13/17; 11AM eastern) It appears to have been announced that the FCC will be partnering with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to protect consumers AFTER net neutrality is eliminate.

How’s that make you feel; TWO government agencies bonding together to protect you (from themselves!!)  That’s FAKE TRUTH!!  Why, you may ask, is that fake??  First of all if the FCC doesn’t make the decision, we wouldn’t need protection.  Second I’ve already experienced the FCC’s consumer protection division.  When my mother was being JERKED around by COMCAST,  I filed a protest with the FCC.  Their immediate action was to turn the complaint over to COMCAST CUSTOMER SERVICE Chicago, Il.  who wanted to know why we were dissatisfied, and were we happy now; who then contracted the FCC and said all was hunky-dory and that everyone was being JERKED around EQUALLY.  To which the FCC decide that since everyone was being JERKED the same, all was well in the universe.

Let me just give this caveat, I did get both of these stories off the internet, and we all know that NOT everything out there is true.  Thereby creating “fake truth”.  So research for yourself and oh, yes, be prepared to open your wallet wider, Verizon, Comcast etal. are just poor-boys needing more $$$ for executive bonus.  Speaking of which can you image the size of bonus these people will get if we lose net neutrality???  It will rival the bonuses of Health Insurance Executives-don’t get me started!!!!!


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