Post #424  I’ve been thinking a lot about maturity recently.  I know, I know, I’ve talked about this before, but when you’re in maturity, you think more and more about maturity.

You may not think its maturity, but as you grow and get taller, that’s an early maturity stage.  As you begin having a family, that’s maturity.  And, of course as you hair changes color, you walk slower and stoop more that’s maturity.  Most people want to equate KNOWLEDGE with maturity, that’s ok, but those people have already cornered the market on smarts, not leaving much for the rest of to play with…..

As I was thinking about maturity, I decided that maturity must also include dissatisfaction.  Because the older I get the more dissatisfied I am with some things. I’ve listed in past blogs the many businesses I’m dissatisfied with and have  boycotted, (much to the chagrin of my children).  But a not so new dissatisfaction, is entertainers.  I like supporting (professional) people that entertain me, whether I buy their music, movies, or stuff.  But, here’s where I draw the line, I want to be entertained, I don’t want them to politicize their platform/stage.  I truly enjoyed the Dixy Chicks, but when they stood on stage in a foreign country and berated our President, they crossed my line. Hey, they have the right to their opinion as does anyone else, but don’t put it “on stage”, especially in a foreign country.

And so, here I go, ticking some people off, but, I have the same attitude (of dissatisfaction) with the NFL and the NFL players.  We are supporting through television sponsorship, of goods and services or tickets and STUFF payment to watch an entertainer kneel down during the national anthem.  Do they have a right protest, yes, but not on my time, let them call a press conference later, the next day, next week and tell us what they think.

And now it’s being disseminated that the NFL won’t allow the AM Vets a Super bowl commercial suggesting we ALL STAND for the national anthem because it’s political. Come on NFL screw your head on!!!!

I don’t understand WHY people don’t understand how Donny Trump got elected.  It was all those people that YOU kept telling were POLITCIALLY INCORRECT, that got tired of hearing it.  It seemed that only a select few were allowed to establish political correctness, and it was NEVER the way we thought!!!

So, back to maturity, in my list of things that dissatisfies me, is the Super Bowl and EVERYTHING connected to it.  To me, it’s just another day.  Think I’ll be watching Quigley.


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1 Response to Maturity

  1. I agree we haven’t watched football since they started their show of disrespect and Immaturity. There is plenty of other things to do on Sunday for our household.

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