Post #425  My family wonders what’s wrong with me.  I sit here and enjoy writing these blogs, yet some time ago I said I’d never do Facebook, because I didn’t want everyone knowing what I was doing.  My family just doesn’t understand how I can write a blog read by people the world over, but not do Facebook.  Well, I guess I don’t understand it either.

My wife does Facebook!  She went there to see what the kids and grandkids were up to, since they are all some distance away.  It was a good way to keep abreast of their activities.  Not to be outdone, or left in the dark about our children’s lives, I soon learned that I could  “spy” on my wife’s’ Facebook and ALSO see what the kids are up to.

Well the kids soon realized we were watching (I guess) and it wasn’t long before they were off into other worlds of communication like Snap Chat, Instagram, and Anagrams or something like that.  Realizing that technology was leaving us behind and not wanting to do something stupid, we chose not to follow.  So, there we stood in the dust, watching them forge ahead.

Then there was the other night.   It was late.  My wife had gone to bed, we were at my mother’s house and her 315 cable channels didn’t producing anything more interesting than the 15 antenna channels I have at my house.  So, I snuck off and peaked at my wife’s Facebook account (I keep the APP on my phone just for emergencies like this)……..boy, it looks like half the posts or better are just junk, no wonder the kids left Facebook to us old………..timers.  Wait, there was my grandson, 3 pics, it says there are more on Instagram.  Instagram ?????  So I tapped the picture, link, or url, or whatever that thing is and my phone said do you want to install….????  Well I want to see the pictures, so…..  I only want to find out more about it, but maybe this will help, so YES!!! I said…………………..

WELCOME, Marcia, do you want to add your Facebook contacts???  (Ahhhh???) How else am I going to see these pics??? I SAID YES!!!!


Dang, dang, dang, they sent an email to our “common” email account, “Welcome Marcia to Instagram”……….

Now, I’ve got tell my wife what I did!!!!!!!

Why can’t my kids JUST STAND STILL so I don’t get into trouble??????

Every day since MORE and MORE family and friends on my wife’s Facebook account are accepting Marcia’s Instagram requested….a program she’s NEVER looked at!!! And probably never will….

Now I’m concerned–what if I uninstall Instagram….will all those people get mad at my wife???  Oh, why Oh why did my kids leave me standing in a cloud of technology dust???

I need a road map!!!


About tgriggs17

Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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1 Response to Instagram

  1. Tammie Olson says:

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I remember when I was using this upper case symbol that I saw others use cuz I thought it was sorta neat. #fun Who knew?

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