The Weight of the Matter

Post #442 I’ve been dealing with weight my entire life. Some of it is my fault, some is not.   I’ve been losing a little but it’s a long slow process.  Historically, as a people, we have been getting taller and larger throughout time….why, I do not know. But, I’m bigger than my parents.  Some people I really envy, their weight never changes no matter what nor how much they eat.  Not I.  I love my mashed potatoes. especially with milk gravy made from pan fried chicken!  But that was years ago, an indulgence that I’ve given up.  A bottle of coke used to be 8 oz. then we supersized all of our meals and producers feed their chickens, cows and hogs steroids to make them grow faster, and fatter than ever before.  The truth is the steroids carry over INTO us.  The story line is it’s taken me years to obtain my current weight I can’t change it in a week, month nor a year.

Which brings to what I really want to talk about, shootings, and specifically school shootings. As a teenager, I laid on the couch looking a JC Penny catalog.  From it I ordered a 20 gauge single shot, shot gun, had it shipped to me via the US Mail and became the king rabbit hunter in my neighborhood.

The this doesn’t happen here, actually happened here, yesterday.  The next school district over from my granddaughters had a shooting.  One girl critical, one teacher shot three times.  Everybody’s got a ready solution, but nobody’s got a quick fix.

Now that I’ve got some years on me, I can tell you how this all started;

It started when I was a teenager and some of my classmates could do no wrong!  It was my understanding that when you stepped in the school bus the driver had the authority of my parents as did the teacher when I was in the classroom. That changed when I was in high school. Parents chastised the school for disciplining their little angels when he/she  broke a rule.

It started when marketers conned us into believing our wants were  more important than our needs. so both parents went to work, leaving kids home unsupervised.

It was compounded when Hollywood began producing violent, action-packed movies and television.  This country is the number one producer and shipper of violent films in the world.

It was compounded when video games moved from Pac Man to war games.

It was compounded when we didn’t want to hurt little Billy or Susie’s feeling about losing so we gave everyone a ribbon.

It was compounded because we quit teaching our children about rejection. That sometimes not everyone likes you. and you can’t always get your way.

It is compounded by bullying in school, which must be OK because our political leaders do it and win!  Industry does it and grinds competition and  law suits into the ground. The one with the biggest club wins.

It is constantly compounded by disrespecting others. Take the national media. This is the first President I’ve seen that is called Mr. rather than President.   NONE us have like ALL the past Presidents but the office stillis that of President, NOT Mr.

It also constantly compounded by a society that doesn’t have to work to live. We are a society that  generates and maintains dependence on the government, from birth through adulthood.  Free money, and free time means free hands to create problems.

Oh, yes and guns.  Yes, guns can be easily obtained.  But it’s not JUST the gun, BUT it is people NOT DOING their job or be held back from doing what we clearly should. People not doing their job, like Congress not creating a COMPETENT National Data Base.  People not doing  their job, like the Military Psychiatrist’s Clerk not placing medical information into a data base that would have denied a weapons purchase.  And being so concerned by the privacy of Medical Information,  people deemed unstable are not included in the National Data Base.

Where we are today, is that it has taken 60 years and multiple paths converging to get to this one place in time.  A fix will require more than attacking one topic.  The fix requires a complete mind set change.  A fix will require better leadership than what is in Washington today, in either house, in either party.


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1 Response to The Weight of the Matter

  1. Cindy Hoyt Bolton says:

    Yes.  That is a great timeline of the Woosification of America.   Very long road back, perhaps too much to hope for at this point in time.  

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