Back to the 30’s

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I’ve mentioned before my love of differing genres of music.  I enjoy listening, would enjoy dancing if both of my feet weren’t lefties, and if I could keep proper time, which is on the down beat, but I’m just an up-beat person.  (which means when I keep time by clapping, I’m always out of sync.

I’ve always enjoyed a number of Blues tunes but have not been a particularity fond of Jazz.  Our community established an FM radio station in the early years of FM, “WASK105.3 on your FM dial, 50,000 watts of stereo music”  In those days it was commercial free radio.  I spent a little portion of my life as a part-time DJ on the FM side.  Usually the grave-yard shift on Saturday night.  That’s when the program director had his “pet” 2 hour Jazz program.  I never liked his choice of songs which drove me not like jazz.

The 4th of July Week is a busy time up here at our summer place in the north woods.  There are all kinds of activities. to see and do.  We go fishing, the resort we reside at, Adventure North, provides a picnic for all of the in-cabin guests as well as we trailer people and all of our guests, then there’s fishing, and later on we go by boat near the town of Walker, MN, which presents a fireworks display over the lake!  At the end of the week the Northwoods Arts Council of Hackensack, Mn. (population 312)  provides a concert in the community hall. The last 4 years Josh Duffee came with is band/orchestra, and he drew us back into the 30’s, by both sound and appearance.  It was a 2 night show, the first night we couldn’t attend, but turned out to be music focusing on Glenn Miller, the second night the focus was on Bennie Goodman with tunes from Count Bassie, and Duke Ellington.  Josh Duffee also narrates background notes concerning the history of the tune or the performers.

I have appreciated this music for years, reflecting on the times that generated it’s melody. It was in Josh’s narrations that I learned this music that I so enjoyed, was actually Jazz!  AhOh, now I’ve got to change my ideas of Jazz and sort out these likes and dis-likes.

Whatever!  Anyway, thank you Josh Duffee for keeping this genre of music alive.  And by the way, your drum solo in Sing, Sing, Sing was so exhilarating!  I was actually foot tapping WITH THE BEAT!!!!!


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1 Response to Back to the 30’s

  1. Tammie says:

    That was a really great performance! Josh Duffee pulled as many as 12 or 13 talented performers from Indiana and right here in MN, to provide a wonderful evening show. Can’t wait for next year!

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