Kids, Kids and more Kids

Post #396

I was raised and lived in an agricultural college community.  What the means is that we lived near a large University, but away from the city, out in the country.   My family knew one of the Ag Professors because we attended the same church.

One day this professor and I were talking.  Actually, it was a rarity, I was LISTENING and HE was talking. Everybody has a theory on life and he was no different, and he was expressing his to me.  “You know” he says, “the problem in this country is that we don’t produce enough kids”.  Since I was newly married I wasn’t sure what he was implying, although I recall he had about six kids of his own. He went on to explain his theory, that professional and working class couples were practicing population reduction by only having one or two children, yet we were paying for the non-working class to continue having children.  The more children they had the more we paid.  His take on our society was that welfare recipients propagated more recipients, while the working society failed to produce enough workers.   Being my senior, I listened.  I thought that his philosophy seemed a little brash.

Fast forward to today. Being a member of the baby-boomer generation, I am one of a large number of people that failed to produce enough millennials to support us.  Although I thought we did our part, three children and 10 grandchildren.  As a retiree, we enjoy going out to eat a couple times a week.  Ok, truthfully, my wife would prefer MORE than a couple of times a week, and in the summer months it tends to be less than that. We are noticing a trend, no one  has enough help.  The restaurants all seem to be short of cooks, or waiters/waitresses or bus boys. There just isn’t enough help.  I recall as a child, when my family went out to eat, it was usually to a family owned establishment, where the owners were proud of what they prepared for you.  Drive up and down the roads today and almost every eatery is a company owned or franchised business.  The workers are employees, who merely move from one job to another with little regard for quality or service.

Another problem today is that from birth we desire for our children to attend college, as the ONLY way to “get ahead”.  College prices are going up, and more people are going in than can come out with jobs.  There the graduate sits with debt up to their eyes balls and no way to pay it off.  So a four or six year degree graduate takes a retail sales job.

Ok, maybe it’s just that I’m getting older, but I don’t recall having to sit 20 minuets with menu in hand waiting for my waitress to see me some years ago………..

We need more kids!!!!

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The State of My Health

Post #395

I went to the clinic the other afternoon.  I had been fishing, six miles up the lake, by my self, and while landing a small northern pike it decide to try out an acrobatic maneuver and back-flipped a big ol’ hook in my finger.  The hook protruded into one side of my finger and poked its head out the other…..the problem was that the barb was lodged inside the flesh…..

Well this trip to the clinic got me thinking about my health insurance.  Currently I’m on Medicare with a high priced full coverage supplemental.  Life is good.  But I am always fearful of anticipated changes.  (After all I’m merely a citizen whose existence is at the beck in call of the government and insurance companies) Like I’ve already noted, the Government wants to modify Medicare and also in the next few years my type of Supplemental will be cancelled.

Now, let me first say I blame the Democrats for this health care mess.  You probably don’t remember being told that the “new national plan” will lower the health costs. I do remember the talk at the time was that the “plan” was so large that the Democrats in power didn’t even read the bill bef9re they voted on it.  After its’ passages some news agencies discovered glaring hangups to the bill that the Democrats later told us “not to worry” their implementation was so far away that they’d “get fixed” later.   So, let’s see if I can remember those days.  I was retired, but buying my own health plan.  My insurance carrier cancel my existing plan as NOT MEETING Obama Care Standards and replaced it with a plan that 1. Cost twice as much monthly, 2. covered half as much, 3. doubled my out of pocket expense.   I was told by my President that it “was my duty” to pay for someone that couldn’t’ afford it.  Also I found out that none of the cost of my medicines declined. In fact Insulin (which I don’t take) doubled in price, EPY pins increased by 500%. even aspirin increased.  The “Plan” required you to join up!!  If you refused, you paid increasing annual penalties on your tax return.  So where was my medical savings???????

Enter our rescuers the Republicans, who have had about six years to bash and plan for a National Health Care fix-it program.  There are just enough Democrats in the Senate that all of the seated Republicans are needed to pass any Health Care modification.  None of the Republicans, however,  are able to agree on a fix.  In fact a fix-it plan was never pre-established.  It looks like the Republicans NEVER expected to return to power!  All that ever gets done is arguing.  The Democrats want to be invited to the party, but they only want the new TrumpCare  plan to look like the old ObamaCare plan!

In short, all those problems which were forthcoming, which we were told not to worry about—-well worry about them.

“What we have here is failure to legislate!!!”  What we really have is a congress more concerned about their own longevity, rather than the good of the country.  Maybe ALL government congressman past AND present as well as their ex-spouses on the governmental “plush plan” should be required to BUY THEIR OWN health coverage under Obamacare…..  Nah, it’ll never happen, why?  Too many of these congressmen are attorney’s whose primary goal is to write legislation to protect themselves.

Whatever happened to the constitutions desire that congress be filled by those elected “from the people”?

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