New Chairs

Post #390

How many times can I tell you that I’ve been reading my grandfather’s diaries?  It’s just amazing, the more I read the more I’d like to share with you.  I’ve been thinking about the furniture that he had. It was pretty good stuff.  Oh yeah, and my grandparents went through the period of clear plastic on the the couch! ( Couch, sometimes called sofa, or davan, davanett)  The couch was protected but you didn’t sit there very long, it was the proverbial HOT SEAT.  You know, now that I recall, I don’t believe my grandparents sat on the couch!

Anyway, this got me to thinking about the furniture that old(er) people have in their homes.  As I remember in my youth, many older people’s furniture wasn’t too comfortable.  We were sitting around home the other day drinking our morning coffee together when my wife says, “Do you remember when we got this chair?” (I hate marriage remembrance questions-there’s always a pitfall somewhere in there)

“No” I said.

“You bought that for my birthday, 28 years ago”.

“Wow, that means the red chair over there is almost 23 years old, and those are our two originals.  And the couch I’m sitting on we’ve had recovered was my parents, it must be about 35 years old.” I said

She says, and “this Lazy Boy rocker was my grandmother’s and it’s almost 4o years old.”

So, it’s true  The person I see in the mirror has turned old, he now has that old furniture he talked about when he was kid…….well at least I haven’t put clear plastic on anything…….yet.

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Whale Ho!

Post # 389

It’s Sunday morning, late in the month of May.  We’re at our summer retreat, it’s 7 am.  We have a Sunday routine at this retreat, which includes driving 30 minutes to an “evening supper club” for their weekend only breakfasts.  It’s a great breakfast and timing wise, we meet other couple at 9:30 then proceed to the local church for its 10:45 am service.

Yep, 7 am, we’re sitting in our overstuffed recliners, sipping an early coffee watching some CBS program that includes a young, blond Aussie giving us his take on the five best beaches of Australia. (Like I will ever visit any of the them!)   We’re sitting there, and my wife turns to me and exclaims, ” I can’t understand anything he’s saying!”

There it is, we’ve arrived.  We’ve arrived to that point in old age where, if the speaker doesn’t speak the slow pitched drawl of your local region it all sounds like Latin.  There was one part we both understood.  One of the beaches he showed, as number 3, was cold, wet, windy and vacant, for which he apologized and promptly showed a clip of the same beach the following week. My wife turned to me and said, “reminds me of whale watching”.  Where did that come from???

Whale Watching!  My mind returned to an anniversary trip let’s see was that the 25 or 30 year????  25 year seems to calculate right.  We flew to Portland Maine, spend the an un-itineraried week driving up the Old Post Road, now known as Highway 1.  I don’t recall which of the many ports we visited that had Whale Watching Tours, probably Bar Harbor.  We were there mid-June. slightly ahead of the main tourist season.   My wife dearly wanted to see a whale so we selected a whale watching tour boat, with the guaranteed whale promotion. At their suggestion we practiced “Whale HO” shouts.  That was in case we saw THE whale before the captain. We rode the boat out, into the middle of a sea fog, shut off the engines and listened.  Nope, nothing there, took off another direction, in the clear, nope nothing there either!  We headed back into the sea fog, for a ways and stopped to listen again–nope.  Wait the captain got a call from another boat that spotted them over there!  Off we go, more fog, no whale.  After our allotted time on the water we returned to the dock in preparation for the next whale hunt  excursion. We all de-boated and were each given a return ticket.  Since it was a guaranteed viewing, we could return anytime for a “free” ride to view the whales.  Today, upon review, I see that the whales arrive at Maine mid to late June until October, we were early, but seemingly our money arrived there on time.

Sort of like that beach in Australia, wait till next week, it’ll be a duzzie.  Wait, that seems to ring a lot like what we tell fisher-vacationers here, “Boy, you should have been here LAST WEEK, they were jumping in the boat!”

Whale Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho………..

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