The Advernturers

New Construction

“They” are building a new highway near me. It’s long over due, having been in the “planning” stages for 25 years. Our current “main highway” is a two lane state road without adequate shoulders. The road parallels, for a few miles, the Wabash River, including hills, curves and overgrowth of trees. The new highway will connect Lafayette to Logansport…four lanes to intersect with four lane US 24.  The new highway will also remove numerous gravel trucks that make their living with as many daily runs as possible. Also, we should see a reduced number of semi’s that seemly ALWAYS drift over the center line as I am approaching…am I their target??

In my youth we were a small, but close-nit family.  My mother always entertained for the Christmas Eve and Day, meals, my grandmother did the Thanksgiving Meal and my aunt had the Easter event.  We seldom saw my fathers parents and I can count on one hand the number of times I remember sharing a holiday with them.  It was only my maternal family that gathered.

The Adventurers

I recall this particular Easter.  “We” were doing our Easter Sunday drive north to Lake County, Indiana.  This year, my girl friend, or was she then my fiancée?  Well, anyway, we were on our way north. There had been highway construction for two years or more from Indianapolis to Lake County Indiana.  This new road was to be called I-65.  The work was completed and the entire state was awaiting the ribbon cutting ceremonies’ scheduled for the following week.

Driving on a near parallel road, we approached a ‘slightly’ barricaded On Ramp.  Dad was driving, and up we went!  Driving on the yet to be christened I-65, neat’o’!!  We drove for a few miles, with my mother worrying in the backseat, when we saw a pickup on the other side of the road, with some workers.  So, at the overpass we stopped.  Dad and I both got out, walked from side to side on the bridge, looked at the shoulder, pointed at the ground, looked at each other, then looked back at the pickup—they weren’t even paying attention!  We got back in the car and drove another 30 miles, deciding that we might be pushing our luck, we got off at the nearest ramp and continued to our destination.

Contemplating the Sequel

There are a couple of north/south roads that I travel that traverses this new, mostly east/west highway.  Every time I cross that new road, I think back to the journey on I-65.  Now, the two roads, I travel are merely a mile apart, and I know, that that portion in-between is completed.  The first 20 mile section of this highway is to be completed next year–but, if you happen, one Sunday, to see a pickup driving on the new road, somewhere between 750 North and 900 North,  it’s not me….(giggle).

I am just certain, if dad were still here, he and I we would have been on this stretch MONTHS ago.  I must have too much of mom in me….wonder if my wife will want to take that trip??  I bet I know THAT answer…


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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One Response to The Advernturers

  1. tom swartz says:

    My family was a clone of yours: did ‘nothing’ with the fraternal side of the family even though they were only 40 miles away. Spent an hour a year with my grampa!

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